What kind of a talent entrepreneur are you?

Entrepreneurs inspire people. After referring to several research studies, I came up with a list of five leading types of talent leadership approaches that entrepreneurs have. Answer the five questions in the following toolkit and quickly learn what kind of a talent leader you are. No leadership style is perfect, and it is worthwhile to be self-aware! Remember, there are no two choices. Select only one answer from every question.

Q. What best describes your talent leadership style?
A. I motivate people to come up with a new idea or improving an existing idea
B. I look to identify key talent inside the company who can take the business forward
C. I always inspire everyone to think and love our purpose and goals
D. I continuously push people to question how we do things
E. I continuously inspire people to understand what the customer wants

Q. What is the primary thing you look for among leaders in your organisation?
A. I seek leaders who can conceive and execute new ideas
B. I seek leaders who can keep up spirits and inspire high energy
C. I seek the crazy ones who are just as driven as I am to follow through on an idea
D. I look for leaders who can show me the pros and cons of every business decisions
E. I seek leaders who demonstrate commitment for customer needs

Q. What is the predominant personality trait you seek in the talent in your company?
A. The ability to find opportunity and build new ideas
B. The knack to motivate and energise people around them
C. The drive to achieve and execute to perfection
D. The aptitude to find their own answers
E. The capability to adapt

Q. What would be your first reaction when someone in your organisation faces failure?
A. I will reiterate the goals and purpose of the company to her/him
B. I will inspire her/him to lift up and move on with new challenges
C. I will express my disappointment without mixing my words
D. I will ask her/him to ponder over what went wrong and leave it to her/him to improve
E. I will assess if I placed her/him in the right place and make changes if needed

Q. What is the top impact you’d like your enterprise’s goal and purpose to have on employees?
A. Inspire them to constantly think about how to improve and upgrade the market
B. Become the source of what drives them to work everyday
C. Inspires them toward a single-sighted drive to achieve
D. Influence their thought process and help them rationalise what they do
E. Instil customer-centricity in everything they do

Calculate your total score. If you score-
3 or more As- You are a visionary. You inspire people to look for new ideas. But be aware, visionaries sometimes lose touch with reality because it is always the dream that is more important.

3 or more Bs- You are an energiser. Your leadership inspires energy and your workplace reflects one which is vibrant and collaborative. Tread with caution, though. Do not create a culture of over-commitment.

3 or more Cs- You are a driver of passion. Steve Jobs was one too. But yes, there is enough literature on how passion often over-rides good nature. A little empathy would be nice. Finding and retaining good people in this competitive market have become a tad tougher.

3 or more Ds- You are analytical. While you can be trusted to be a fair leader, everyone knows about analysis paralysis. Do learn to trust instincts, and more importantly- your people.

3 or more Es- You are an improviser. You are a flexible leader who listens to people and customers. But in the effort of being customer-centric, do not overlook the needs of your staff. Are they overstretched? Are you building capability to meet higher-level demands before you expect your staff to deliver?